If you are not running at the future, you are already behind….

Disruption Labs is a science forward R&D and contract manufacturing lab that specializes in nano-particle applications, bio-enhancing and radically evolving next generation products in food & beverage, cosmetics and nutraceuticals.



Disruption has to take place outside of a core business. In order to achieve exponential growth you cannot look to marginal improvements, it needs radical thinking. We offer access to world leading pharmaceutical scientific breakthrough nano-technologies. Contact and create the next generation of your products.


We live in the era of smart. Smart phones, Internet of things, hyper-connectivity and big data. We create smart products through bio enhancement and multi use applications. Learn what nano-technology can do for your product here.


Overpopulation, industrial farming, global warming, antibiotics overuse and genetically modified agriculture. Clinically overweight is the famine of the West. Lobbying and media are feeding misinformation. Butter is bad. Butter is good. Science is evolving exponentially and yet our basic nutrition declines. The consumer wants more. What are you doing to meet these needs? 

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At a macro scale, we have a global overpopulation crisis. Food production cannot meet demand and increasing weather freaking, linked with global warming issues, are placing even more pressure on a system, that despite decades of aggressive industrialization, is breaking under the pressure.

Pair this with a consumer base that is demanding more from the products they consume. Knowledge and tracking of health is at an all-time high. Brands are reacting slowly with ‘marketing led strategies’ such as Vitamin Water or Bai Antioxidant Drinks where the actual effectiveness remains largely unchallenged and the scientific and medical evidence is limited, at best, often with little effective improvements in nutrition and sustenance from less production.   

The bio-enhancement of food and beverages and the radical improvement of bioavailability of fundamentally required health elements is an inevitable progression for future of product development. We plan to be the market leader of this change in strategy and help our partners grab market share in their verticals through first-to-market products, with scientific backing and clinically-proven, objective improvements.