Nano technology is a clinically proven technology based on the understanding of what happens at the scale of 10-9 meters. The scale of atoms and molecules, and also the scale at which food. Like everything else we see about us, acquires its recognizable properties of flavor, aroma, texture and so on. A nanometer (nm) = 1,000,000,000th of a meter or put more simply the tip of just one hair follicle is about 80,000 nanometers wide. Nano-Technology enables the bio-enhancement and addition of extra smart elements to almost any product.



Nano-particles significantly increase bio availability. Nanoparticles have much larger surface areas compared to their counterpart macro-/bulk materials and even compared to that of micro-materials, which largely contributes the unique properties of nanoparticles. 

For example, 5 cubic centimeters (about 1.7 cm per side) of material divided 24 times will produce 1 nanometer cubes and spread in a single layer could cover a football field. 

Therefore, increased bioavailability can allow for less of the nutrient per serving yet achieve the same or greater efficacy and effectiveness to a comparative dose of the non-nanosized material. 

Furthermore, once the nanoparticle passes through the gut and into the blood stream it  allows for reduced ‘first-pass metabolism’, i.e., the nanoparticles and nutrients encapsulated within stay in circulation longer, avoiding being removed by the liver and/or kidneys. Thus increasing blood serum concentrations over longer times and allowing a higher probability of delivery of the nanoparticle’s encapsulated payload to the cells/tissues and at higher concentrations. This is a factor primarily of size, but also of surface charge and surface chemistry of the nanoparticle, all factors which we can relatively easily tune via commonly employed nano-particle engineering synthesis and production procedures that have been developed for use in nano-medicines.


Vitamin C doesn’t actually taste of orange. It just tastes bad.

Nanoparticle encapsulation can allow for not only clear transparent liquid/aqueous suspensions, but also provides the ability to mitigate taste, texture (e.g., ‘oily mouth feel’) and smell often associated with hydrophobic nutrient substances.




Superior solubility of conventionally water-insoluble, hydrophobic (‘oily’) substances; for example, fat soluble vitamins A and E, Omega-3 fatty acids, wide variety of phytochemicals such terpenes/terpenoids (lycopene, -pinene, myrcene), essential oils (linalool, thymol, cymene, limonene), flavonoids, polyphenols (e.g., curcumin and resveratrol), phytocannabinoids (cannabidiol; CBD), phytoserols, and other plant derived-chemical entities such as carbohydrates, which provide vitalnutrients, antioxidant protection, flavor/taste, smell, etc. to your product.


Using our proprietary method of producing nanoliposomes, we are able to create multilayered particles, which allows for a continuous and/or time-dependent release of the encapsulated nutrients.  


Therefore, this controlled release phenomena can be engineered into the nanoparticles and tune in such as way that the amount (concentration) of the encapsulated nutrients can be released into the bloodstream or directly inside the cell over a longer period time. This allows for lower concentrations or equivalent concentrations of the active pharmaceutical ingredient(s) to be kept for significantly longer periods of time. 


Utilized in the pharmaceutical industry since as early as 1938. When used in drugs these technologies have been FDA approved safe and highly effective for the delivery of drugs from chemotherapies to pain killer such morphine to common over the counter medications, such a Claritin and even dietary/herbal supplements. 


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Nanoparticles can be engineered such that they can be ‘targeted’ to reach a specific cell/tissues by modifying the surface chemistry of the nanoparticles with various biochemical entities in what is called active targeting. The nanoparticles can be passively targeted to certain cells/tissues by specifically tuning the particle size and surface charge as to allow more uptake of the nanoparticles in these cells/tissues than others due to known physiological and anatomical properties of the target cells/tissues.

Imagine an energy drink that only triggered energy boosts when your heart beats over a certain bpm.

Imagine an vitamin enhanced water that released vitamins every 3 three hours over a 12 hour period...

Imagine a running water that kept releasing energy and nutrients as you run and is designed to give you more in the back half of your run...

Imagine what happens to your product when your competitor releases this first?

Make disruption your priority before its too late...